Cotton Candy Truck Brings Sweet Business To NYC

You might think the Cotton Candy is only something that you can find at your local fair; but if you've got a craving for something sticky and sugary that melts in your mouth and leaves your tongue bright pink or blue, then you're in luck if you live in NYC, because cotton candy may come to you.

Cotton Candy Jeep of NYCCotton Candy Jeep of NYC

Yes, it's the stuff that dreams are made of and one smart entrepreneur is behind the concept. Cecilia Gomez sells fresh cotton candy at only a buck a pop, right from the back of a vintage jeep. The cotton candy jeep makes its rounds from 11am until midnight every Saturday, so it reaches families out for their daytime outings, and the few who are in their way to (or more likely, from) the bars for Sunday night football!

Via: Grubstreet