'Champ' Concept Threatens To Take Down Couch Potatoes

Look out couch potatoes; if the ‘champ’ design by Tobias Fraenzel ever makes it to stores you may be left without an excuse for just sitting around in front of the TV.  The design features a rounded, plush-looking seat area with a tube-like back rest.  The twist is that the tube portion can be pulled to the upright position and used as a punching and kicking bag.

With this piece you could watch all of your favourite shows and still maintain your health.  It would also work well for those times when you are watching a frustrating game on TV.   You may not be able to take out your aggression on the ref, but you could still vent that energy.  

Even for those days when you have had a hard time at the office and cannot help but get angry all over again as you relay the details to your spouse, this would be a handy piece to have.  To avoid an even rougher day though, you would just have to make sure that your spouse got up before you went at the punching bag.

Source: DesignBoom.com