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Cougars & Co: Social Networking & Matchmaking For Women On the Prowl!

Older women have had their way with younger men for decades, just think about the movie "The Graduate". While it's becoming more of a mainstream trend with formal noun usage and all and a TV show based on the dating desires of women; it can still be a challenge to find that young boy toy for even the most inventive of cougars.

Cougars and CoCougars and Co

Finding a younger guy to have some fun with doesn't have to be a major challenge, which is why Cougars & Co goes right back to the basics. Let's face it, in most cases a late 30 or 40 something woman is likely not to frequent the same places as a late teen boy or man in his early 20's. This logistical factor makes it hard for cougars to prowl and actually find their prey.

Cougars & Co is a social networking and matchmaking site designed specifically for cougars and the young men who love them. The company helps push people together, but also does even more of a greater good that has benefits outside of the bedroom too. They regularly host charity bachelor auctions with proceeds going to a good cause.

Update: Cougars & Co is no longer available.

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Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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Mar 22, 2010
by Anonymous


No offense to the writer intended. But how is this any less creepy than if someone started a website that helps older men "prowl on" young women and eventually "have their way with them"? My wife and I agree that older women should have better things to do with their time than this.

Mar 22, 2010
by Anonymous


Good luck with your last go around before you have to hang up your cougar paws Beth. Time waits for no woman. If hope you can recognize the time to hang 'em up or life is going to be very painful for you. This website cannot be a lifelong endeavor because, believe it or not, even young guys do have their limits as to how much or what they'll tolerate. There's something to be said about growing old gracefully. Don't make a fool of yourself.

Mar 22, 2010
by Anonymous

Older guys looking for younger Cougars...

Hi Beth. I'm a guy way older than the average Cougar but I'm starting a Grey Fox website for the the 'Geriatric and Proud' wanting to hook up with Cougars. Maybe you could spread (no pun intended) the word to your cougar friends that we are now available and looking to do some cooking. As a cougar, we know that you all must be realizing that it'll soon only be guys like us that'll be wanting girls like you. Now's your chance to get an early start and take us out for a test drive so to speak. I know you realize that younger people find much older people really attractive so I'm putting out the invite to someone who knows - you!

Please respond on your blog here how me and some of my chums can connect with you and some of your gal pals. Also, tips on starting our own website will be much welcomed. One last thin, we come with our own supply of Viagra but if you'd like to do a little rubbing to help give it a start it would be much appreciated.

From "Geriatric and Proud'.

Mar 22, 2010
by Anonymous


Who wants to see the average cougar naked? Not me. Too wrinkled and saggy. And the geriatric crowd? Even grosser.

Mar 22, 2010
by Anonymous

Haters gonna hate...

Mrs. Robinson was HOT.

Sorry you Grey Fox's don't "get it." Although maybe if you "got it" more often you wouldn't be so hateful.

Great site, taking advantage of a naturally occurring phenomenon between 2 consenting adults. Gotta love Scottsdale...

Mar 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Mrs. Robinson.

Mrs. Robinson was HOT! I could see why a young gun would want an older woman like her. I can't understand why when all was said and done he left her for her daughter though? Is this a natural occuring phenomenon too?

I'd like to be a cougar but I'm not too sure if it makes for a rewarding long lasting relationship or just a temporary ego boost for a young stud? Any insights Beth?

The Grey Foxes sound gross - that is, unless you find hemmeroids sexy (lol).

I agree - great site!

Mar 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Mrs. Robinson response.

Hi to the person who posted just above me.
I played the cougar game for a while, and I've got to tell you I felt I sold out on my self respect by doing so. Younger guys do it for kicks. It might be fun for a while but when their attention turns to someone younger there's no way you can compete. I was treated like trash by his friends who ridiculed me and never took me seriously. My advice - do it for a one night stand. If you're looking for a relationship find someone closer to your own age because they're someone you can relate to. I'm tired of feeling and looking foolish. I respect myself more now that I'm through with that 'phase'.
Hope this helps.

Mar 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Thanks response.

Thanks for the response up there. I did find your information helpful. It kind of confirmed my thoughts as well. I don't wanted to be treated with ridicule, or laughed at for being a cougar. The idea sounds fun but it seems the experience can be pretty degrading. I'm not sure why anyone would want to encourage others to act this way. It seems so degrading. I think I'll stick with guys my own age.
Take care.

Mar 23, 2010
by Anonymous


Are you 2 nuts?
There's nothing like going down on a guys 10 years younger than you any time you want, grabbing his ass or running my hands over his 6 pack abs. My man sticks around because I give him what he wants, and what I give he can't get anywhere else. I take it all in and he's got a lot for the taking. That's power girls. I've got the experience and he's got the package my lips love and the 2 of us make one happy couple. Y'all don't know what your missing. My man ain't going anywhere, and that all has to do with me, not some dumb bimbo who don't know what she's doing. Life's too short ladies.

Mar 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Don't get the "controversy"

People sure do have some strong opinions about this subject, but have any of you actually been to the site? Here's what it says:

"Being a cougar or a cub isn’t about chasing your youth or going on the hunt for sex. It’s about embracing who you are and who you’re attracted to, regardless of age. It’s about learning to live the life you love and love the life you live, without hesitation – after all, age is just a number."

Plus, they're having a charity bachelor auction benefiting a local Women's Center. Sounds pretty empowering to me.

Mar 23, 2010
by Anonymous

the goose and the gander are the cougar and the cub?

Just a little observations ladies and gents...It took decads, if not a century or so for us to accept people dating outside of their ethnic or religious groups. And then along came Demi Moore (God Bless her anyway) who started dating Ashton Kutcher just 7 years ago, and she's only - what? 15 years old than him. But men have been dating, married to, having sex with women 15 years young than them for hundreds of years, and even still today. And THAT's OKAY, only because they don't get a title from the media like "Beast" or "DIRTY LION" or something from the jungle like "Cougar." Please someone tell me how this is a level playing field, because it's not. What I just read was a thread of bitter people who are a little upset with another evolution taking place in relationships that's becoming a bit of a social norm because women are taking better care of themselves and because 30 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 50 for them. The younger generation (of men) happens to not see color or age like the older generation of baby boomers did, and I hear some bitter people who are having a hard time dealing with that. This is one casual observer who is neither a cougar nor a cub, but just an open minded mom of daughters and sons who is happy to see that the world continues to evolve and sometimes what's good for the goose(cougar) is good for the gander (cub) -- and it's about time.

Mar 24, 2010
by Anonymous

Who fits the bill - an evolution that has not evolved.

Dear Goose and Gander:
The ladies might like to do it with the babies but when it comes to pay, that evolution has conveniently stayed away -

Mar 24, 2010
by Anonymous

Hey Goose and Gander, don't dish my Granpa...

My Grandpa worker since he was 15 while my grandma stayed home and reised the kids. Grandpa died of a heart attack at 62 without enjoying one day of retirement. He gave his life supporting my Grandma and my dad so they could have a better life. He was part of the 'older (bitter?) generation that you refer to?

Because my Grandpa worked so hard my Grandma didn't have to. I have been taught that as a male I have to work all my life to support my family. No 'evolution' has occured where an 'older woman' takes care of a 'younger man' by working her tail off while he stays home and does the housework. While social norms have changed age expectation re: dating, the man is still expected to work, pay for dates while getting less 'bang for his buck' because the goods he is with is 10 years closer to becoming a senior citizen than he is. Where's the 'upside' for the guy? The only thing that seems to have evolved is that women want to take without without giving. I'd never date a cougar, unless a less selfish, self-serving form of 'evolution' occurs, out of respect for my Grandpa, who taught me lessons in virtue and self-sacrifice. Cougars, take note.

Mar 24, 2010
by Anonymous

My older wife.

Beth, I'm opposed, and my wife is older than me (by 3 months). Yes, its a societal thing, like everything else. The term Cougar does have negative connotations associated with it, just like gold-digger does. I think it's degrading as the gentlemen on the 1st post points out. Yes, embrace yourself as you are and love those you do based on shared interests and values. If by doing so an older woman and younger man fall in love then that is wonderful. But for an older women to be 'on the
prowl' by its very nature is predatory - animalistic in terms of the hunter - prey images it creates. That is not beautiful, or wornderful at all. That is not embracing yourself for who you truely are. You're giving mixed messages. You need to be clear on what it is you want to say. Changing direction mid stream makes the arcticle lose credibility.

Mar 25, 2010
by Anonymous

Good sport.

Beth, you are a good sport. You handle your responses very professionally and vith a great deal of insight. I wish you all the best.

Mar 27, 2010
by Anonymous

From Cougars & Co.

Well here it is straight from Miss Cougar's keyboard! I just caught this posting and how fascinating this little read has been. Thanks Beth for posting the story. As they say in the biz, any PR is good PR. As for what we're doing at Cougars & Co., ladies, and gents, or cougar lovers, haters, whichever camp you may fall in, we're not trying to convert anyone to anything, we're simply forming a club for a group of people who are already out there living a lifestyle that exists. Much like a bunch of guys who enjoy cars or motorcyles -- they naturally form a club. They don't go out trying too convert non-car or motorcycle-loving guys to join them, the real lovers of these machines will find them and join.
As for Grandpa and Grandma's comments, you know what? My G-ma and G-paw were the same people. Heck, my mom and dad were too. My mom is 71 and fixed dad's last meal for him when he passed 3 years ago, and never cooked a meal for himself in his life...nope...typical Ozzie and Harriet - and they were exactly 1 year apart in age.
As for me, I'm a widow, and my hubby was 9 years older. He died from a sudden heart attack at 54. We thought he'd live til 90 like his uncles and everyone else in the family but we weren't so lucky.
So now, with my daughters and their hubbies in their 20s, and their friends, we've observed what's really happening "out there". We didn't go on a campaign to create a movement. We didn't stand on a street corner like the health care reform haters and lovers. Nope...we just watched, observed and understood that those who are already living this cougar/cub lifestyle could use a social "club" with organized events to get them "out there" and off their sofas into the real world having fun.
There are no women in their mid-50's sneaking around in leopard print body suits and cat masks jumping young studly men in their 30s as they unlock their car doors in back alleys. In fact, the data shows the cub/to "cougar" ratio is 2-to-1, with two guys for every woman registered in the "dating" sites that exist for cougars and cubs.
But those are a different story.
Our social site isn't even one of those. We aren't trying to "match" women with men. We're not trying to create a ridiculous fairy tale romance between women in their late 40s and men who are 28. Again, just trying to offer events, acitivites, a online social community where people can meet others who might want to find some friends who are at the same place in their life; might not want to go on a vacation alone, might want to go on a cruise with a group of women who don't have a companion, but would rather join a fun group of gals instead.
So that being said, again, thanks Beth for your really cool approach to the story, the original posting, your teflon answers and having the ability to not let the ickiness from both sides stick to you!
We here at Cougars & Co. understand that everyone has the right to their own opinion, if we didn't we wouldn't be America, right?
I take a completely light-hearted approach to all of news...the good, the bad, the ugly --Even my own son got in on the fun and called "Miss Cougar" a "digital pimp" when I first started the concept. Just remember friends, we'll all die someday, so don't take life so seriously....
All the best,
Miss Cougar