Could Gourmet Doritos Camembert Cheese Off Classic Snackers?

Doritos Camembert tortilla chips are not only Frito-Lay Japan's new not-so-nacho limited edition flavor, they're a sign the company's going all out to infuse more gourmet cred into its signature Doritos Gourmet product line.

How will snackers accustomed to traditional Doritos react to this snooty upstart? Since Doritos Camembert was only released on October 14th it may be too soon to tell; then again, this limited edition flavor is due to be discontinued at the end of January 2014 so Frito-Lay Japan might not really give a hoot.

Even so, westerners not used to Japan's ever-changing procession of new snacks with unlikely flavors might do a double-take at the sight of Doritos Camembert. The pale, soft, rind-covered fromage that purports to be the chips' signature flavor is about as far from pungent, orange, nacho-friendly queso as, well, as from France to Texas.

A word to the product planners at Frito-Lay Japan: one does not simply spin the Wheel Of Cheese when brainstorming up new Doritos flavors.

Spinning the Wheel Of Cheese at other times is perfectly OK, however, but we digress... pouring melted Camembert cheese over a plate of Doritos Camembert chips seems wrong, sounds wrong, and undoubtedly smells wrong. Dipping (but never double-dipping) them one at a time into a bowl of Grey Poupon might be more palatable. Just ask perennially under-prepared SCTV anchorman, Earl Camembert.

Maybe it's best we lay off slamming Frito-Lay Japan as they've proved time and again they know what they're doing when it comes to marketing Doritos. We also mustn't underestimate the traditional Doritos consumer base's ability to scarf down these crunchable, munchable, triangular tortilla chips in mass quantities regardless of what flavor they are.