Married To Your Keyboard? Cool Number & Letter Scarves From The New Little Factory

What some people won't do for the love of numbers! If you're one of them, there's a micro suede, laser-cut Number Scarf at the Little Factory with your number on it.



Maybe you're a literary sort; you love to read or write blogs.... You have your choice at the Little Factory of a Lowercase Scarf or, if you're a word screamer, an UPPERCASE Scarf.

These microfiber suede scarves sell for $52 and come in black and off-white. At four inches wide and 63 inches long are sure to become coveted objects of desire. Little Factory just shipped out its first orders on June 16, and it's already sold out of UPPERCASE scarves. (Hmm. More screamers than I thought!)








The Little Factory has one more line of products. The design company is also producing bold, brightly colored polyester blankets with larger than life rain drops and tomatoes and goldfish printed on them. They also make blankets with charming tree and animal figures. The blankets are $25 and at 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 feet, would be equally charming in a child's room or a living room as a chair or sofa throw.


Here's a look at the detail on the Animal Blanket:



The Little Factory is starting small and that's a good thing for a design shop. Making a mark on original items, such as the Little Factory's laser-cut scarves and identifiable nature blankets, lets the company grow as demand increases and new designs are created. I think we'll be seeing a lot more from the Little Factory.


(For those of you outside of Hong Kong, where the Little Factory calls home, you may have to pay taxes or duties on your orders, which may take up to two weeks to ship. Little Factory charges $10 shipping for each item.)


via stefano picco blog