Countdown Alarm Clock Wakes You Up Al-Qaeda Style

Troubled by a persistent failure to launch? Deadlines killing your sense of time management? Fear not, the Countdown Alarm Clock is here!

The Countdown Alarm Clock is a timely concept if ever there was. Think about it - what has more meaning, knowing you have until 2:20pm to finish some project or knowing you have 15, 10, 5 more minutes to go? Which timekeeping method provides a stronger sense of urgency? Answer in 5, 4, 3, you get the picture. 

Available in black or pink, the Countdown Alarm Clock can be programmed to count down from as long as 9,999 days. That's over 27 years! Imagine watching the next 3 decades tick down, second by second... it's enough to drive you insane! Fun for the whole family!

You can also use the Countdown Alarm Clock as a travel alarm clock; just program it to ring ("beep", actually) after a certain allotted time. Ideal for those who want to sleep a designated number of hours yet don't need to awaken at exactly the same time each morning. Makes sense - who falls asleep at the same precise time, night after night?

The Countdown Alarm Clock measures 5x5x5 centimeters or a 2-inch cube. Its small size and handy attachment point allow you to clip on a cellphone strap and hang it on your rucksack, guaranteed to freak out your fellow passengers and the TSA. The lightweight, digital clock is powered by a single CR2032 button battery which will last about a year... or 31,556,926 seconds.

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