Counter Balance Concept Could Change How We Look at Pickup Trucks

One of the most interesting parts of attending auto shows is seeing the concept vehicles that we will describe as "unique." This isn't to say they aren't important, especially considering some of the most outrageous concepts, at the time, were eventually put into production and have become very popular. For this year's New York Auto Show, one of these rare concepts is the very brightly colored "Counter Balance."

What would yield such an interesting name for a truck, you ask? The Counter Balance Concept is actually sporting a mid-engine layout that powers the rear wheels. According to the project leader, Elad Barkan, such a configuration will provide better handling and road manners than the traditional light pickup truck with nothing in the bed.

The cab of the Counter Balance will seat four people comfortably, with the second row of seat being directly above theV8 engine courtesy of General Motors. Thanks to advances in noise and heat control, the rearward passengers don't have to worry about overheating seats or too much noise from the engine. The location also means the rear bench is elevated and gets a bird's eye view of the surroundings.

If you are like me, the next question you have is something along the lines of: "With a mid engine layout and seating for 4 people, how much space could be left for the bed?" Interestingly enough, the bed is extendable, with the maximum length being 7.5 feet. In addition, the sides of the bed are higher than traditional pickups and will offer extra hauling room.

The company behind the concept, Barkan Motors, is located in Los Angeles and currently is trying to negotiate an initial run of 200 units with some local production facilities. So to all the truck owners out there I must ask; would you be willing to veer off the beaten path for something new and in some ways better? This is assuming they offer other colors of course.

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Apr 23, 2009
by Anonymous

Everything old is new

Everything old is new again.

Looks like the modern version of the Ford, Chevy and Dodge pickups based on their respective van chassis' (from the 1960s, I believe).