Couple Pays For Their Entire Wedding Through Recycling Because They Can

Photo by Jaspenelle Stewart of Paganites (on Flickr)Photo by Jaspenelle Stewart of Paganites (on Flickr)

In the past few years I have read a lot about stories of kind, generous, crazy and even sad things people will do to help the environment. However, the story I came across today was so sweet I couldn't wait to write about it. It involves a wedding, love and a generous couple with an idea that just keeps on giving and recycling.

The couple, Andrea Parrish and Pete Geyer, made it a mission during their engagement to fund their wedding by recycling aluminum cans. They needed to collect a lot of cans, enough to pay for the entire wedding. They did it with success and a global impact.

In total the couple collected 280,000 cans themselves. The rest of their funds have come in donations. It took the couple six and half months (197 days) to collect all those cans that will convert into enough cash (plus donations) to fund all of the wedding, cake, music, etc.

They even plan on continuing to recycle cans after their wedding, but from now the money will fund something else. 40 percent of the money earned from recycling all these aluminum cans will go to the honeymoon fund. 60 percent of the money they make will be given to Doctors Without Borders as well as Rim Country Land Institute.

To top it all off, recycling cans for the wedding funds will not be the only eco-friendly thing about the wedding. As the wedding plans are under way for a July 31st wedding the couple is looking into a recycled-aluminum portable BBQ unit (made by dad), foods for vegans and vegetarians, DIY decorations, compostable dinnerware, DIY vest by the groom for the groom, and so on.

Read about the couples "crushing" journey in their online journal Wedding Cans. In the journal the couple mentions how their "recycling can wedding" has inspired other couples to do the same for their wedding or other fund raising needs. "Saving the environment and throwing a killer party. What could be better?" (Wedding Cans home page).

Hats off to the couple. I think this is a wonderful eco-frugal idea that really shows the hard work this couple is willing to do for each other, others, as well as the environment. If they Can do it, so Can you! So...

Happy wedding and happy marriage Andrea Parrish and Pete Geyer! May your green love shine green always and full of inspiration.

Via Treehugger and Wedding Cans