Couture Karl Lagerfeld Gloves Double As Chic Phone Holders

How many times have you heard the joke "your cell phone/Blackberry might as well be surgically attached to your body" for the amount of time that you spend on it each and every day? Well, when Karl Lagerfeld recently previewed his fall 2009 collection, he must have been listening, because while it's not quite surgical implantation, his fashionable item will keep your phone always within reach where you need it.

The couture phone holder is a fingerless glove, perfectly fashionable for fall, that has a strap on the outside of the wrist designed to hold a cell phone. Now you really don't need to worry about having your Blackberry or cell phone out of hand, and it will always be there when you need it. Plus, it's a pretty chic and modern design, too!

 Via: TrendHunter