Cowon Q5W is the Ultimate Media Player

The newest, and definitely the most innovative, product to roll off the assembly line at Cowon is their Q5W Media Player. This media player does it all: Wi-Fi, music, video, Bluetooth, FM radio, GPS, and more. Best of all, the Cowon Q5W is small enough to fit into your jacket pocket!
Cowon Q5WCowon Q5W

What makes the Cowon Q5W so special is its seemingly endless amount of features. This media player sports a huge 5 inch touch-screen LCD display with 800 x 400 pixel resolution. This makes for a crystal clear picture when viewing photos or watching videos.
Cowon Q5W with headphonesCowon Q5W with headphones

Here's a quick rundown of the Cowon Q5W's main features:

This media player is capable of connecting wirelessly to the Internet with its built-in Wi-Fi. This means that it will connect to the Internet at home, hotels, coffee shops, and more, as long as there is wireless Internet access.

Bluetooth: With built-in Bluetooth capabilities, the Cowon Q5W is compatible with wireless Bluetooth-enabled headphones. This eliminates the need for "traditional" headphones with wires, which tend to get messy and tangled.

Music/Video/Photos: This is a true multimedia player that plays a wide variety of formats. Video formats include: AVI, MPEG, MP4, and more. Compatible music formats include: MP3, WMA, WAV, among others. Finally, Photo formats that are compatible with the Q5W include: JPEG, BMP, PNG, and even RAW. Basically, this device is compatible with most of the formats that you already currently use in other devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, and downloaded videos on your computer.

GPS: This device will not only play videos or music, but it also turns into a GPS device with voice-guided directions. Plug the device into its dock, plug in the cigarette lighter adaptor, and you're ready to go. The dock features a built-in FM transmitter which will wirelessly transfer sound from the Cowon Q5W to the car's speakers, which will give a cleaner and better sound overall.
Cowon Q5W GPS capabilitiesCowon Q5W GPS capabilities

A portable device like this one will inevitably have some flaws. The Q5W has its fair share of weaknesses-the biggest being the sluggish processing. This is bound to occur in a portable device such as this one, because they can't process information as fast as a desktop computer would. Gizmodo's review of the Cowon Q5W confirms this minor flaw, and they say "...getting around the device is kind of sluggish."

For people who don't mind the sometimes slow performance of the Cowon Q5W and who also have fat pockets, you can pick up one of the best media players on the market right now for $599 (60 GB) or $549 (40 GB).

Source: Gizmodo, Cowon

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Dec 20, 2007
by boggart (not verified)


nice marketing copy paste... when will you post a real-world-use review of capabilities? Please focus on the GPS.