Cows! We've Got Cows on Cowscape!

The painted cows seem surreal, perhaps Photoshopped, to visitors to the Cowscape exhibition. The cows are real, the creations of Australian body-paint artist Emma Hack, the stars painted to raise awareness of the South Australian drought.  

She was inspired by "Cow Parade" while traveling, and decided to create her own collection of painted cows. Hack paints on canvas, bodies - human and otherwise - and with photography.

 Cowscape 3 - Emma HackCowscape 3 - Emma Hack


Her works have a magical realism. She collaborated on artwork in Gotye’s 'Somebody That I Used To Know'  on YouTube, garnering over and over 350 million hits.

Body Painting - Emma HackBody Painting - Emma Hack
Photographer: Jose Angel Martinez Descalzo


Cow Parade  bills itself as the largest and most successful public art exhibit world-wide. Events have occurred in over 75 cities around the world since 1999.

Cow Parade Prague 2004 - 116Cow Parade Prague 2004 - 116

At least 100 million people have seen one of the famous cows. $20 million has been raised for worldwide charities by auctioning the Cow Parade cows.

Cow Parade 15 - MadridCow Parade 15 - Madrid

Over 5000 artists across the globe have participated. They include amateurs and the famous artists from all age groups and backgrounds.

Cow Parade 22 - MadridCow Parade 22 - Madrid

Images  Cow Parade Prague 2004  and Cow Parade Madrid

Source:  I New Idea