CPR Pad Makes Resuscitation Easier

Designer Ryan Helps has come up with a CPR resuscitation pad that gives a person feedback when they are performing CPR correctly.

This assisting device addresses the common problems people have when performing CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation). The pad is placed on the person's chest, where you would line it up and follow the instructions. Flashing lights give you the proper timing, and clicking noises let you know you're using the right pressure for chest compression.

Devices like these give someone with no training whatsoever the chance to help save a life. Instead of rifling through first aid manuals or brochures when in an emergency, this device allows for quick action in a situation. For now, this design is only a concept but hopefully soon it will be available to everyone and maybe many more lives can be saved.

If this device isn't quite your style, you can also check out a CPR glove that guides you through emergency situations.

Source: medgadget

Jul 1, 2008
by Anonymous


seems like a good thing even better with a cpr device on the mouth to automatically check the breathing (shallow, none, or normal) and that blows in air without preventing breathing obviously. I think that exists too.