Crack Mask – Aqua Access Rather Than Addiction Affliction

Access to water during a fire or emergency is a must, but can often be difficult to find. Now, the Crack Mask offers mobile moisture during a panic. 


The Crack Mask is the brainchild of Han Chi-hoon and Kim Yeon-soo, and is intended to be a quick and easy way to access a water-soaked cloth in the event of an emergency. While the concept is clever the name is perhaps a little bit off the mark, especially for a Western audience.


The “Crack” in the mask actually comes from the noise it makes when its package is opened, as it breaks the small water capsule inside and soaks the cloth it contains, but the name gives rise to images of narcotic-soaked coverings that might just make you forget there’s a fire, or a building, or a need to get up and get the hell out rather than give you a fighting chance at beating feet from the scene of the emergency.


In principle, the Crack Mask is a great idea. A pack of them would be placed in a conspicuous location in an office, subway or construction site and when the need arose they could be easily removed and distributed to workers or citizens, who would then crack open the packages, soak the cloths inside and use them to protect against smoke or floating debris.


These masks would also be a great idea for first responders such as police, paramedics and firefighters as the amount of contaminants and dangerous chemicals present at large-scale emergencies can be significant, and the Crack Mask could help to not only increase personal safety, but allow emergency services workers to more quickly assist those that are in need.


Amusing name aside, the Crack Mask has real potential as a life saving, life preserving and emergency evacuation device, but might need a re-branding before it can make significant inroads on the North American market.


Source: Yanko