Craft Beers On Tap At Home With Affordable 'TapIt Cap'


Flat beer sucks. And that's the motto of TapIt Cap, the new cap that saves your growler-bottled craft beer until you're good and ready to finish it.


TapIt Cap on growler: image via kickstarter.comTapIt Cap on growler: image via


There is no shortage of craft breweries these days, and beer drinkers welcome each and every one of them.  Some craft beers are sold in beer and wine shops and in boutique groceries, but smaller brewers find such distribution too costly.  They sell their brews directly to customers in large jugs called growlers that generally hold 32 or 64 ounces of beer, more than one should drink at a sitting.... 

Problem is once you open a growler, it loses its carbonation. It gets flat and then it looses its flavor.  Next day, you'll probably want to feed it to the plants. 

The TapIt Cap offers a great solution to the dwindling beer fizz. It was invented by craft beer afficionado Robert Scott of Denver, one could argue the home of craft beers, and was funded by crowdsourcing on It maintains the bottle's internal pressure and when you pour your beer, it injects carbonation into your glass as it is pours.

Here's how it works and how the craft brewers are receiving its debut....



You can purchase the TapIt Cap now for delivery in November. The device itself sells for a good price, I think... $45.  At you can also purchase food grade CO2 cartidges and a t-shirt that reads 'Flat Beer Sucks.'

Flat beer does suck! This gadget looks like a winner.