Crafty Eco-Friendly Ideas To Check Out On Earth Day


Happy Earth Day everyone! After planting your trees, taking a trip to an Earth Day event, and taking advantage of all the free green goodies today finish celebrating Earth Day digging something out of your trash and making it into something useful and or beautiful. Release the eco-friendly artist inside of you. Below are innovative eco-friendly crafty sites and stores to inspire you and or your family.

1. My Recycled Bags
This innovative blogger writes about crafts made of plastic bags and other recycled material. Her artwork is truly innovative. Many of the crafted items are crocheted. Many of the crocheted items are made of recycled material like cassette tape or plastic bags. We could all take a look at this website and reduce our consumption of plastic bags. Since she was diagnosed with Cancer in March of 2008 she also updates her blogs with updates of her health.  

2. Craftzine
Craftzine is a wonderful website to go to in search of unique eco-friendly crafts, especially cute stuffed animals. Learn how to make a scorpion out of your kid's old pants, or a dollhouse out of old catalogs. Use a sewing machine or not. Whether you are a novice or professional crafter you can find eco-friendly ideas here.

3. Craft Gossip: Recycled Crafts
I really like this one. If you go to Craft and then click on the Recycled Crafts in the blog isle you will come across a list of innovatively green recycling and crafting ideas. My favorite is the vinyl blinds. Just a few days ago my kids and I were outside plants seeds in little flowerpots. I went around the house looking for Popsicle sticks to label. Had I known about vinyl blinds I wouldn't have wasted my time? Blogs like this think up the recycling ideas for you. All you have to do is just use the ideas in your home.

4. Little Fish Studios
Little Fish Studios blogs about innovative crafting and includes some of her own work. According to her profile she use primarily recycled or repurposed materials in her work. I have to say I just noticed and love her A bitty buggy break caterpillar idea, but I have to say her the Bride's Bouquet (made of recycled buttons) is so uniquely elegant. My favorite entries though are her Wordless Wednesdays. What a wonderful idea.

5. Craftershock
One of Craftershock's most recent entries is on making pillows out of vintage moneybags. I think this is a wonderful idea. They are stuffed and filled with organic filling. Craftshocker also just wrote a review on a book for redesigning your old shoes.

6. Crafting Green World
 "Crafting a Green World features do-it-yourself projects that incorporate reused, recycled, and natural materials." This exactly what the website does and they're good at it. There is nothing more to say. Check it out for yourself.

7. Instructables
Instructables already has a page set up for fellow crafters just in time for Earth Day. Click on the Green tab and you will be led to innovative projects like: Recycled 55 Gallon Barrel Chair or Growing Chinese Cabbages in PVC Pipe. The cool thing about it is the step-by-step green project instructions.

8. WebUrbanist
WebUrbanist introduced me to Trash People. I've been hooked on WebUrbanist ever since and look forward to any entries on Trash Art.

9. Haute Nature
At Haute Nature there is a unique and interesting collection of green finds. Check out the Eco Art. "Ecologically based creative ideas, art & green products for your children, home and eco guide blending high style with sustainability." Did you notice the white elephant made out of recycled milk jugs made by Mike Sims and the game of chess made of dollhouse pieces?

10 Etsy
Etsy is filled with recyclers selling their stuff. I have seen old cameras made into lamps. I have seen crayons recycled into one large round crayon, old Christmas cards recycled into nametags, prom dress into costumes etc. Like Craftzine, not all of Etsy consists of recycled crafts, but a lot of it does and all of it is handmade. Type in recycled or reused or upcycled to find the eco-friendly products.  

11. Great Green Goods
Everything that is featured on Great Green Goods is an introduction to something made of recycled material. Great Green Goods will then tell you where you can buy it so it's a shopping blog. You can find beautiful jewelry to recycled mats made of plastic sandals here.

12- 22. What eco-friendly craft sites do you like? Add the sites below.

Also, if you get the chance, stop by the Earth Day Network to find local Earth Day event and other ways to live a sustainable life. Happy crafting! Have a wonderful waste free Earth Day