Crafty Fashion By Nancy Judd: The Recycled “Fan Mail” Dress

Proving that any medium can be used to create attractive and wearable fashion is the "Fan Mail" dress by designer Nancy Judd. This crafty fashion item uses common items that can be found in most household recycling bins, so this eco-chic fashion better get more than one wear before it ends up hanging in your closet!

This is one crafty fashion item that is useful for more than just one time wear, since the unique materials that give this "Fan Mail" dress its name are actually adhered to a basic dress made of scrap canvas. While it may not be a wash and wear fashion item, since the Fan Mail Dress uses recycled junk mail, newspaper ads, and catalogues as trappings to give it the unique look; which includes these recycled materials folded into origami style fans.

Since this unique, sustainable fashion would not be complete without fun, coordinating accessories, Nancy Judd has also created a mantilla for the hair and decorated a pair of vintage pumps with recycled, vintage postage stamps.

Via: CraftZine