Crafty Fashion From Recycled Materials: Beer Tab Corsets & Accessories

Proving that beer tabs are good for more than just keeping your favorite drink well carbonated in its can is the Art of Can Tabistry, a crafty site with big ideas, great execution, and a lot of recycling. With a little creativity, it truly is possible to create just about anything from what would otherwise be discarded trash, while carving your own place in the green movement.

Beer Tab CorsetBeer Tab Corset

The Art of Can Tabistry is a site devoted to teaching people how to create their own crafts, and design fashion using beer tabs, soda tabs (and anything else with a can tab) as the main medium. While most of the tab styles are kind of a modern take on medieval fashion, some of the uniquely crafted clothing items are almost bridging on sexy.

Beer Tab ShoeBeer Tab Shoe

Since naturally, finding accessories to go with the beer tab corsets, and revealing vests would be a challenge, they've also created a line of hats, belts, shoes and even purses. Soon to be added to the unique, recycled fashion line are beer tab undergarments, which certainly won't do much for comfort!

Via: Boing Boing