Crash Jewelry: Glitzy Jewelry Line Inspired By The Misery Of The Recession

2009 has been a hard year; you might not think it's a time period that would be memorialized in fashion but one designer has decided to take the economical situation of the year to inspire a line of accessories.

Jewelry Inspired by the RecessionJewelry Inspired by the Recession

The Crash Jewelry line is glitzy and glamorous, but it's inspired by the recession and is certainly not based on cheery situations. Each of the large necklaces have a chart or graph embellished with jewels that demonstrate statistics of the economic downturn. Unemployment rates, debt, and homelessness are just a few of the charts that have been turned into jewelry.

Crash JewelryCrash Jewelry

The designer behind the Crash Jewelry line recognizes that her accessories symbolize a time that many would like to forget, but is attempting to bring a little glamour to a miserable situation through fashion.

Recession JewelryRecession Jewelry

Via: TrendHunter