Crayola 3D Chalk Brings Sidewalk Drawings To Life


Toys have become pretty high tech in recent years, but there are some kids items that I wouldn’t have imagined could be taken to another level.  Apparently I was wrong.  Even the basic toys are not so basic anymore.  Crayola has come out with 3D Sidewalk Chalk for kids to create more realistic sidewalk drawings. 

I must be getting old because when I first saw this product I thought, “When I was a kid we drew on the sidewalk with plain white chalk and we liked it!”  Nevertheless, 3D chalk is now a reality and likely to be a hit with the kids this summer.    

The set comes with special glasses, necessary for viewing the image in 3D and instructions for how to use the chalk – yes, chalk now needs instructions!  Each chalk piece has two colors (meant to be used together for the best effect).  Once you have the glasses on the warm colors are supposed to appear higher while the cool colors recede.  Okay, maybe it does sound kind of fun.  You can get 3D Sidewalk Chalk here


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Jan 21, 2011
by Anonymous

Not In My Front Yard

Paint in your own front yards. Preferably, your back yard. This isnt the ghetto.

Jan 24, 2011
by Anonymous

The chalk

This kind of chalk is pretty amazing I mean
for real you write on the sidewalk and
Then you put on the glasses and it is 3D!