Crayola MP3 Player for Kids

This MP3 player from Crayola is not only colorful, it has a bunch of cool features too.   It includes a built-in speaker, microphone and comfy ear phones. It has five big buttons, perfect for little fingers, and requires one single AAA battery which is not included.  The player has 2 GB of storage which can hold  up to 2700 songs. A popular attraction at the Toy Fair 2009, the player also comes with a variety of fun sticky stickers.   

Crayola MP3 PlayerCrayola MP3 Player

You can even dock the player in the Crayola Clock radio, which is a separate purchase.  The radio has a  built-in projector that flashes on the ceiling or walls of your kids' bedroom!  How cool is that?



The product is recommended for children four and older and is expected to retail for around $50.


Source:  Kids Tech Review  Photo: PC Mag

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Mar 8, 2009
by Anonymous


it's time to make very very cheap mp3 players so that adults that have missed out on technology can also enjoy mp3 players. They should be just as good as the expensive ones and look good and durable.
The kids don't need any.