Is Crayola’s Create2Destroy Series The Creation Toy Of The Year?

They’re just as destructive and creative as they are fun, and I really think that Crayola finally developed the art toy that every little boy on the planet wants: Something to build, smash and rebuild all over again. Then again, dinosaurs make everything better…

Crayola’s Create2Destroy series is something that is simple, yet very entertaining at its very core and each set accomplishes that by giving kids a sample tub of Morphix molding material, several molds of houses, bricks and other crushable objects and a “destructive” toy to take down their projects. Aside from making it quick and easy to construct a squishy orange town on the included placemat, my favorite feature is naturally the colorful plastic dinosaurs used to stomp, bash and chuck molded “boulders” at whatever’s left of the cityscape.

Create2Destroy goes beyond vibrant dinosaur toy rampages, as their ultimate set is “Fortress Invasion,” where two or more molders create blue and gray miniature Morphix fortresses, and then launch the remaining material at their friend’s castle with the included catapults. Combining the fun of molding clay, building toys, dinosaurs as well as its “wreck it and remake it” attitude makes these toys an instant winner in my book, and a little jealous that I didn’t get crush a shopping mall with a stegosaurus when I was a kid…

If anything, Create2Destroy is a really cool idea that gives their target audience exactly what they want; a dinotastic deconstruction toy that they can share and smash with their friends and family. 
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Nov 21, 2013
by mishainfotech
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No, i don't feel so. There

No, i don't feel so. There are many more interesting.........

Nov 22, 2013
by Anonymous

When I was 7 years old I

When I was 7 years old I would have freaked out over these!! I've seen "smash-up" toys before but these take the concept to a whole new level.