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16 Crazy Yet Awesome Alternate Christmas Trees

Christmas tree decorating – do you stick with a theme, let the kids do it, get creative with the tree itself? The options are endless. Here are some of the most unique, awsome and a little crazy "trees" we’ve found this season.

1.  Sushi Tree

Sushi TreeSushi Tree

Somehow, a tree that stands out for a month or so made of raw fish seems like a questionable idea at best. All I Want For Christmas is Salmonella…. However, the sheer amount of handwork required to build the individual sushi bits and then create the tree is amazing. (Perhaps using glass sushi ornaments like this would make things easier?)

2.  Tree of Rocks

Rock TreeRock Tree

When all else fails, look to rocks.This tree has a primal quality to it that hearkens back to the Pagan roots of Christmas itself. It reminds us that all is made of Earth, and Christmas - or Yule - marks the moving of the Earth from the shortening days of Autum to the slowly lengthening days ahead. Even as Winter chills us, the longer daylight every day leads us towards Spring and the rebirth of the land. 

3.  Dudecraft Hubcap Tree

Hubcap TreeHubcap Tree

This creative tree was found in Maine. I think it would be pretty awesome for outside the bachelor pad, man cave or sports club. Each hubcap is from a different make or model of car. The challenge for car enthusiasts is to locate and identify each one.

4.  Ladder Tree

Ladder TreeLadder Tree

Do gifts placed under the Ladder Tree get infused with bad luck? I wondered this, but then I realized they probably cleared away the bad luck and brought in the Spirit of Christmas. Even the simplest items can be made to represent a Tree. It is not the decorations or the size of the tree that matters, it is the warmth and love around the roots that sustains us. 

5.  PVC Tube Tree

PVC Tube TreePVC Tube Tree
Unable to source pic other than Pinterest image, please contact us if you have info!

I really love this rendition of the tree. It is simple, clean and modern without being stark or cold. The repetitive circles of the tubes and the ornaments reminds us that the Year is a circle, with one season moving seamlessly into the next. This would be a great tree for the meditation or Zen room, I think. 

6.  Pencil Tree

Pencil TreePencil Tree

This would be awesome for a classroom or home office. I love the idea of repurposing everyday items to represent something much larger than the parts that make it. Isn't that what family and the holidays are all about? We bring together all the disparate elements of our lives to share the joy and wonder of the season. Beautiful.

7.  Wine Cork Tree

Wine Cork TreeWine Cork Tree

8.  Wine Tree

Wine Bottle TreeWine Bottle Tree
Unable to source original pic other than Pinterest, please contact us if you have info!

These two trees again repurpose everday items - albeit those representing a scary amount of alcohol consumption. We see the simple beauty in the textures of the corks and the glow of lights against the colored glass of wine bottles. This could easily turn into something garish, but the creators used a subtle touch to infuse the room with a deep, warm aura to chase away the Winter's chill.

9.  Water Bottle Tree

Water Bottle TreeWater Bottle Tree

Perhaps this one takes recycle-reuse-repurpose a tad too far. Yet, the symbolism amazes me. What was once discarded is reborn again into a thing of beauty. One could summarize the Christmas story just as well.

10.  Lego Tree

Lego TreeLego Tree

Everyone loves Legos…till they step on one in the dark.  Looks like the folks who came up with this tree came up with the brilliant idea to just make this lego tree life sized. 

11.  Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Chalkboard Christmas TreeChalkboard Christmas Tree
Unable to source pic other than Pinterest image, please contact us if you have info!

This is also extremely cool – every family could personalize it for themselves. It fills an entire wall of the room, wrapping the heart of the home in the Christmas spirit. Every member of the family is represented, along with their wishes and dreams. What better way to evoke the meaning of Yule-time than with this ever-changing, ever-growing picture of the family?

12.  Candy Tree

Candy TreeCandy Tree

Candy….mmmm. Christmas is such a sweet time of year. Carols speak of sugarplum fairies, and we fill stockings to the brim with sugary treats for children and adults alike. I like this tree for an office setting or a casual party gift. It brings color and sweetness to any setting but it is portable enough to enjoy anywhere.

13.  Antler Tree

Antler TreeAntler Tree

At first blush, the Antler Tree seems kind of rednecky-lodge décor-ish. I think staying with just white lights makes it cooler and classier by far. To me, the found antlers represent the spirit of Winter and of the Forest, brought together and unified into a beautiful whole. The white lights accent the texture and depth of the sculpture and make it even more magnificent within the simple context of the room. Learning the art of the simplicity of nature and the peace of a new-fallen snow epitomizes Christmas as it was meant to be. 

14.  Hello Kitty Tree

Hello Kitty TreeHello Kitty Tree

This could be a perfect example of overdoing it with the kitschy theme. Evidently, the owner uses this to decorate the “Doll Room” of her house. However, even when you choose to decorate with an over-the-top theme that does not necessarily say "Christmas," the spirit of fun and laughter still fills the room with this lighthearted tree.

15.  Driftwood Tree

Driftwood TreeDriftwood Tree

This is another example of creativity for a tree in a space-challenged room! I think this is perfect for apartment and studio dwellers who simply do not have room for the full spruce and all the trappings. This tree and others like it convey the idea of "tree" and decorate the room for the holidays just the same. I would set gifts on a smal, simply-decorated console table under the driftwood tree combined with simple gold and red symbols of the season. Perhaps a gold-painted pine bough set in a deep red vase, or a simple vignette of gold ornaments in a glass bowl would work well. 

16.  Tea Light Christmas Tree

Tea Light Christmas TreeTea Light Christmas Tree

This one is favorite alternative to the traditional tree. The structural Danish design and the ability to use real candles calls to mind Candlemass and the Nordic origins of Christmas. The tealight tree is understated yet it makes a big statement. No bright colors or flowery decorations are needed. The simple combination of wood and flame creates the ideal Christmas ambience for me. 

So, which is your favorite tree in our collection? Do you have special plans this holiday season for your tree? Will you get a real tree, artificial tree, alternative tree? We'd love to see your innovative creations! 

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Wonderfully Cool

Dec 16, 2013
by Anonymous

I considered a miniature

I considered a miniature tree but, while looking at them, I realized I already had something at home just that size, green, beautiful and with branches. So I bought lights and mini-ornaments and decked my absinthe fountain.

Jan 30, 2014
by Holly Cochran
Holly Cochran's picture

Awesome! I want an absinthe

Awesome! I want an absinthe fountain!

Holly Cochran,  Clever Chick