Crazy Thanksgiving Outfits For The Slightly Insane Family



Goofy Thanksgiving outfits have been slow to arrive on the scene. Slowly catching up to the traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater, we are hoping people will let their creativity and lack of artistic ability shine this holiday season. Thanksgiving is such a somber holiday, after all, with Pilgrims in their stern black and white outfits. Live it up, people! Thanksgiving is the holiday of parades, stuffing yourself to bursting and then watching all the football possible. What part about that does not deserve a wretched outfit? We’ve scoured the Internet, looking for inspiration to help you create your very best (worst?) Thanksgiving outfit.

Here's our picks for the best  Thanksgiving outfits for your slightly insane family:

Sweater for the TurkeySweater for the Turkey

 Image: blogspot

The most important outfit for Thanksgiving will surely be the one for the Turkey, right? Why someone would knit a sweater for the turkey is a question for the ages. We would think turkey juice would ruin it (eww!), but we don’t judge. It brings a new meaning to “dressing the bird.”


 Turkey BabyTurkey Baby

 Image: MarthaStewart

Babies. We love them. But should we love them as food? Turkey Baby or parenting fail?  Baby seems pretty concerned.

 Baby ButterballBaby Butterball


Here, baby looks like he has been fattened for the oven already. This child is entirely too happy, given his perilous circumstances.

 Turkey HatTurkey Hat

 Image: Amazon

Charles isn’t really thrilled with his turkey hat, perhaps because of the Cone Head effect?

Turducken SweaterTurducken Sweater

 Image: Geeknation

Thanks to its pure gut-busting awesomeness, the Turducken Sweater calls to mind that famous dish that is the unholy marriage of a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken – and in some parts of the country also wrapped in bacon. The poor bird(s) have no idea which way is up or down. This soon to be classic sweater idolizes the iconic awful Thanksgiving tradition like nothing else can.

Mens Ugly Thanksgiving SweaterMens Ugly Thanksgiving Sweater
Image: Geeknation

We’re not really sure what is going on, but there is a lot of it. Tim bravely pairs this sweater with classically styled plaid golf pants for a timeless, ugly look. We suspect this was made by someone’s Mom.

The referee is a turkeyThe referee is a turkey

 Image: Amazon

Here is a great hat for the football buff in the house. Not that there will be any bad calls on the big day.

Awful Thanksgiving SweaterAwful Thanksgiving Sweater
 Image: Buzznet

Some crazed knitter simply would not leave out any aspect of the wonderful Thanksgiving tradition. We have all the food groups represented, along with the Pilgrims, the Native Americans and Autumn in general. Too much fun, we say!

 Thanksgiving CelebrationThanksgiving Celebration

 Image: flickr

We think this original turkey hat has a certain Carmen Miranda-esque look to it.

 Boho Turkey HatBoho Turkey Hat

 Image: foundshit

This one, on the other hand, looks a little more like the very popular Bohemian Style.

Ted's Turkey HatTed's Turkey Hat
 Image: Amazon
Ted seems to know something about this hat that the rest of us don’t. That smirk suggests someone has been sampling the cooking wine already.

Pumpkin Pie HatPumpkin Pie Hat
This Pumpkin Pie hat from Amazon makes an interesting fashion statement.

 Tom the Turkey MascotTom the Turkey Mascot

 Image: Amazon

 Tom the Turkey Mascot by Amazon. This not only looks ridiculous, it looks ridiculously hot and uncomfortable. Probably best to use when cheering on the yard football teams.

The Full TurkeyThe Full Turkey

Image: Amazon

Ken models what can only be described as a fabulous full-body turkey costume. His attitude says it all:  Go big or go home on Thanksgiving.

 Baby Serial KillerBaby Serial Killer

 Image: pinterest

This is cute, keeping baby’s head warm with the decapitated top of the Tom. Disturbing.

Don’t Forget the Pets


 Image: etsy

Mittens is not amused by the shenanigans.

Well, what do you think our picks for the best in Thanksgiving outfits? Do you know of any that are better? Perhaps you'd like to show us your best or worst Thanksgiving sweater or outfit. You might make our Hall of Shame!

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