Crazy About Angry Birds? Well, So Are They!

Are you addicted and completely obsessed with the Angry Birds franchise? If you are, then join the legions of other fans who have gone out of their way to show their love for the popular video game.

Angry Birds merchandise is literally everywhere and it's easy to understand why many businesses are trying to capitalize on the game's fame because the potential market is huge. After all, it's been downloaded hundreds of millions of times on the different platforms that the game is available in. 

The game really has a lot of dedicated fans, and as I combed for images of Angry Birds, I was greeted with a whole bunch that caught my attention. The photo you see below depicting a scene from the game is by photographer Jason Lee, who does a great job by using his kids as his props:

Aren't they adorable? And this one right here is by Rina, who uses the characters from Angry Birds as her inspiration for her nail art:

And here's more fingery art from Leanne, who's more partial to the piggies rather than our avian heroes:

There's that saying, if you can't beat them, join them. If you're having a tough time conquering the game, then why not dress up as one of those Angry Birds yourself? That's exactly what these folks from the Clock Blog did:

Now here's a really impressive one by Tsang Yiu Keung, who re-created all of the Angry Birds characters using LEGO. You can check out his album on Facebook where he also made a humongous red bird that's even bigger than my old television set:

Then there are the Angry Birds cakes! While I found a lot that have been making the rounds, most of them weren't credited to their rightful bakers but here's one I found that was: the Angry Birds cake by Anya Richardson.

To end this picture-heavy post, I leave you with a video that definitely takes the cake (pun intended) of the playable Angry Birds cake that a fantastic father made for his son's birthday.

All I can say is, that little boy sure is one lucky kid!