Crazy for Craigslist? Try Crazedlist!

Craigslist has an almost overwhelming amount of listings for jobs, singles, products, and services.  Now, imagine if you could search every Craigslist listing in every state, or even the world.  Crazedlist is a site dedicated to helping users get the most out of Craigslist's massive repository of classifieds.

If you've ever used Craigslist, then you know it's a great tool for marketing, job-finding, match-making, and everything else the site does.  It's one of those simple, functional web sites that gets actual results, despite the millions of users that populate its pages.  However, you'd also be quick to notice that a single Craigslist site search will have its limitations, due to locale.  Crazedlist eliminates that limitation.

The site is really easy to understand.  You check off every Craigslist that you want to search, and enter in whatever criteria you're looking for.  The site loads with every American Craiglist on the front page, but you can switch over to world wide listings, which makes the site useful for just about everything from finding a used television set to finding a couch to crash on during your next European back-packing voyage.

A word of advice, to people who try this service:  Don't try to search every Craigslist in the U.S. all at once.  It will definitely cause your browser to crash.  They warn you about this on the site, and we can confirm that it is a warning worth heeding.  Also, the site requires you to make a small, non-harmful adjustment to the way your browser runs.  It will step you through this by showing you what to type in your address bar to enable Crazedlist to do its thing.  There's nothing to be scared of, if you follow the instructions.  But, if you're uncomfortable changing those sort of settings, then Crazedlist may not be for you.

The site really does work well, and sorts the results in a way that's not only easy to understand, but is also very lending to browsing.  Only once you click on an ad that you're interested in will the site then transport you to the Craigslist site that the ad originated from.  You should get a lot of use out of it, if you're constantly searching Craigslist for cars, TVs, furniture, and other things you may not want mentioned here.  Leave a comment down below to let us know how your Crazedlist experience was!

Feb 28, 2009
by Anonymous

where is it? oh never mind

where is it?

oh never mind it's just but it would be cool if you linked to it in your article.