Crazy Creative Korea's Appetite for the Huge

In Korea, food is not only for eating, but for supersized artistic expression as well. Check out some recent giant creations made from traditional cuisine below.

Rice Cake Extraordinaire

Created for last year's Rice Love Festival in Sapgyo Lake, Korea, this rice cake weighed in at 8113 pounds and measured 145 inches around and 15 inches high. After its revealing, some 5000 audience members helped to devour it in typical rice cake munching fashion. Rice cakes may not be the tastiest of foods, but had I been there, I too would have been tempted to take a bite out of awe regarding its gargantuan size. So I understand.

Giant rice cake in action: Source: T2KGiant rice cake in action: Source: T2K

Big Bad Bibimbap

Bibimbap, also known as a "mixed meal", is traditionally a bowl of cooked white rice covered in sauteed vegetables, beef, fried egg, and a pepper paste for flavoring. Everything is typically stirred together, and then served at the temperature preference of the eater.

Korea made its hugest bibimbap to date at the end of May this year, courtesy of some university alumni. With 19 different ingredients and weighing in at 1150 pounds, 1500 people later enjoyed the full meal monstrosity.

A rice bowl beyond impressive: Source: T2KA rice bowl beyond impressive: Source: T2K

Killer Kimbap

The popular Korean snack food made out of rice and dried seaweed is usually seen at picnics and various outdoor activities & events. This time, it was created for record setting purposes, measuring at 226.4 yards. Usually served cold, kimbap resembles sushi with its various other internal ingredients, and this particular roll easily fed an entire crowd.
How hungry are you?: Source: T2KHow hungry are you?: Source: T2K
Whoever said food needs to be boring? In Korea, it has proven to be anything but. Innovative foods in impressive sizes are all the rage!

Source: T2K

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