Is Crazy Fit The Cure For Cellulite... Maybe!

We women are always looking for the one cream, the one exercise, the one food, the one massage tool... that will banish the ugly cellulite on our poor thighs. I have searched and tried out so many products that claim they do "reduce the appearance" of cellulite, that I think they mean, "Wear dark glasses and you won't see it."

Can vibration machines like the Crazy Fit Massager Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine actually work on cellulite?

Why Buy The Crazy Fit Massager?

Having purchased and reviewed the Chi Machine, I know that gentle vibration of the legs does tone them. It's also incredibly relaxing, so there's a bigger payoff. So, I checked out customer reviews of various stand-up vibrating machines. I focused on the Crazy Fit Massager because I know someone who purchased one and loves it. (That's a good start.)

There are a bunch of stand-up vibrating machines around: you can buy one for $99 or $5000, but the Crazy Fit seems to be the best rated one for the price... best rated by users, that is. That's what I go by. Like I found with my Chi Machine, customers were almost universal about the Crazy Fit's effect on toning, especially the butt and thighs. At least one customer of the Crazy Fit reported that her cellulite disappeared as a result of her workouts on the Crazy Fit! So based on hundreds of reviews, I'd say that Crazy Fit definitely works on toning thighs although it is not that clear that it really does anything specifically for cellulite. 

Is Crazy Fit  Massager Worth Buying?

The Crazy Fit Massager seems to work and work well. But beyond firming up the thighs, customers consistently reported, without prompting, that the Crazy Fit improved their circulation, made them feel like they did a bigger workout in less time, improved their endurance, lost weight, and felt healthier overall. They claimed that, despite the lower price (now discounted to around $200) compared to other machines, the Crazy Fit felt very sturdy and well built. I also like the fact that it takes up less room than a fitness bike or treadmill, the smaller size which makes a huge difference in my small bedroom. 

I like the fact that you can workout your whole body in gradually increasing increments (1 to 50), it only takes 30 minutes a day in three increments, and that you can also target your "spots," like you see below:

For a quick and easier way to firm your body and feel better overall, I would take a look at the Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Fitness Machine. It's gotten hundreds of excellent reviews over the years.  It's also selling at a great price right now on

UPDATE - Which Is The Best Value Fitness Vibration Machine?

Since I first wrote about the Crazy Fit Vibration Fitness Machine, many new fitness vibration machines have become available.  If I were to buy a vibration fitness machine today, for the best value vibration fitness machine, I would probably buy and try the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine. The higher priced machines have more power and are better built with higher quality materials and have more features. So you are getting less machine by paying thousands less than the best vibration machines available. However, in terms of value, the Confidence Fitness gets hundreds of consistently excellent reviews and overall, I the reviews imply that it will do a slightly better job at toning thighs, reducing the look of cellulite and improving general well-being better than the Crazy Fit Massager.

Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform Fitness MachineConfidence Fitness Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

The manufacturer of the Confidence Fitness Machines claims that on their machine, 10 minutes of vibration is the same as 60 minutes of traditional exercise. So if you can get firmer thighs and improve overall fitness  with 10 minutes of effort a day rather than a whole hour of regular exercise, it's a no brainer which I would choose. How about you? The Crazy Fit suggests you use their machine for 30 minutes, the Confidence Fitness Slim says use theirs for 1o minutes. For me, 10 minutes is clearly better than 30. 

While their claim of 10 minutes of vibration having the same effect as 60 minutes of exercise seems too good to be true, the hundreds of rave reviews by actual users is enough to convince me that their claim is credible and believable. You can take a look at all their great reviews here.

Would I ever buy the Crazy Fit Massager as compared to the Confidence Fitness Slim? I think I would if price was a big factor in my decision. The Crazy Fit Massager  is almost 30% less in price to the Confidence Fitness and the reviews are almost as good. But for the extra bit of money, I would probably splurge on the Confidence Slim.

Both the Crazy Fit Massager and the Confidence Fitness Slim Machine are well made machines, and unlike many products that claim to help with your cellulite, these two machines actually do help make your thighs firmer and your cellulite less obvious and unslightly. So if you have the room in your home and in your budget for one one these machines, definitely take a closer look. As many reviewers claim, it can change your life.


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Originally published December 2010 and updated June 2015.

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