Create A Moon Jump For The Kids With The Vuly Trampoline Tent

Vuly Trampoline TentVuly Trampoline Tent

A trampoline is a great piece of fitness equipment and one of the best toys for kids. A trampoline with a tent makes this family friendly toy even better. The Vuly Trampoline Tent can turn your trampoline into a Moon Jump for the kids and give adults a place to escape the sun on hot days.

Just think of the hours and hours (days even) of fun the kids will have with this. Not only can it transform a trampoline into a Moon Jump, the Vuly Trampoline Tent can become a club house for the kids, a mosquito safe-haven for the adults and a camp out tent for the whole family. 

Trampoline Tent Camp OutTrampoline Tent Camp Out

The tent gives you a panoramic view of your surroundings, can slip over a trampoline net, comes equipped with simple draw string windows and has a handy storage pocket inside. And it won't break the bank. You can get a Vuly Trampoline Tent for around $130. Check out the Vuly site for more information and how to order.