Create Tracks Or Highways With PlayTape. Chugga Chugga, Vroom, Vroom!

Sometimes the best inventions come from the simplest ideas. Slice bread and then bag it? Genius. Markers that wash off of walls and clothes? Thank you! And now tape with highway or railroad track designs that can be used anytime and anywhere your kid wishes to drive their automobiles? Brilliant. Invented by InRoad Toys and made in the United States, PlayTape will soon be the best alternative to hard-to-put-together toy railroad and car track sets that come with too many pieces and too much frustration for little hands.

PlayTape is tape with road or railroad track designs printed on it. It comes in rolls of either Classic Road Series or Classic Rail Series, various colors, lengths, and two options for width. The idea might be simple, but the possibilities are endless.

PlayTape is designed for kids three years old and up and does not require scissors to cut it. It is easy to tear and place onto any surface. And it’s repositionable, which means there isn’t a mistake that can’t easily be fixed. PlayTape is made out of toxin-free, recyclable paper, and does not leave a residue when it is pulled up.

InRoad Toys also made this mama happy by making PlayTape compatible with almost any toy car or train your child may already have, including Melissa and Doug, Thomas the Tank Engine and BRIO toys. There is no need to buy a specific brand or product to use PlayTape. Your children can create towns, cities, and speedways anywhere they desire using the toys already in their toy box.

PlayTape is perfect for travel too. Take it to a restaurant and make a playable placemat; take it to Grandma’s and cover her house with lasting—but removable—memories; take it to the airport and kill time with a few cars and a roll of tape. PlayTape does not require instructions, batteries, or tools, just imagination.

PlayTape is not only popular with kids, but is quickly gaining credibility in the toy industry too. PlayTape has won many awards, including Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Children’s Products, Creative Child Magazine’s Create Play of the Year Award, and Parents Magazine Best Toys of the Year.

Rip it, lay it, and play it. Get out your cars and trains and make tracks and highways with PlayTape. And don’t forget to recycle it when you’re done! Chugga, chugga, vroom, vroom!

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