Create A Virtual "Bubble" Around Your Bike With XFire Laser Bike Lane

XFire Laser Bike Lane In TrafficXFire Laser Bike Lane In Traffic

Bike lanes ensure that traffic is kept from getting to close to cyclists. However, not every avenue, street and lane have them. That's where the XFire Laser Bike Lane comes in. Not only is it a tail light for your bike, it projects a lighted bike lane from your bike.

This bike lane follows your bike as you ride and gives you a virtual traffic "bubble." Check out the video below to see it in action (it's not amazing quality, but you'll get the idea).

The tail light on the XFIre has 5 very bright LEDs. The XFire's two highly visibly red lasers create lane markers on the road behind the bicycle that can been seen nearly a mile away. Not only will traffic see you on a dark street, but you'll have clearly visible boundaries around you. 

The XFire can run with just the tail light alone or with the laser markers by themselves. This is an excellent product for the urban commuter, especially those who live in cities without many bike lanes.

XFire Laser Bike LaneXFire Laser Bike Lane

The XFire Laser Bike Lane comes in two variations: one requiring AAA batteries and one with a USB attachment, so it can be easily charged. It's also a snap to install it, and its weather and shock proof design ensures that this little gadget will last you a long time. 

Visit Amazon to order one. At $35 for the USB version, the XFire Laser Bike Lane is affordable too.

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