Create Android Apps With HTML, CSS, JavaScript



A new app creation framework called Fries has been released by a group of developers which allow app inventors to make their own Android apps without ever having to touch Java or native Android code. How can this be done? Basically, Fries is a framework which converts regular HTML, CSS and JavaScript, languages that any web developer knows, into a fully featured Android app. Through their documentation, they show how you can create pages, titles, subtitles, menus, lists, and so on, using special JavaScript commands in your code. This allows you to use your skills and knowledge to translate into the mobile space, since having a native phone app can be very useful rather than simply a mobile site.

Of course, Fries is not the first framework to do so. There are a lot of services online that allow you to create apps through a translation process, or even make your app completely through a web interface such as what Andromo offers. But these processes are more opaque, meaning if you do not like the result, or you want something not offered by the service, then you are s.o.l. Fries is available as open source software, and you can download the full source code yourself and modify it, should you wish to.

It is worth remembering however that these frameworks are typically meant for fairly simple apps. If you have a business or a product, and you wish to have a simple phone app to provide news, updates and a way to buy on the go, then this may be something for you. But if you want to start making games or full featured Android apps, then learning native programming may be the better route to take.