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So you sit there and think, "How am I going to get through to the weekend?"  Well, you could play games, or watch silly videos, or you could achieve enlightenment of the ancient Buddhas by folding paper into funny shapes! is here to help bring you to nirvana, or at least help you kill a few hours while you sit there, suffering at your desk.   (Update: Unfortunately, this site is no longer available.You can try or instead.)

The site holds a database of origami diagrams, complete with folding instrutctions and printable forms that make it easy to complete even the hardest origami designs.  Once you load up the site, just pick from the options at the top, and you can either browse origami designs or search for whatever it is you're looking for.  The "gallery" option is probably best for origami newbies, who probably just want to see what the possibilities of this art form are.

The diagrams are very easy to follow.  You should have little problem completing even some of the most advanced origami diagrams on the site, as long as you follow instructions.  If you're looking for a quick list of origami, click on "diagram list", and you'll be given a list of origami diagrams in PDF form that you can easily print out and complete.  Once you're done, you can take a pic and share, or if you're obsessed with origami all of the sudden, you can join mailing lists with other origami enthusiasts.

With such a simple concept, has managed to make an ancient tradition accessible to the entire world with their database of diagrams.  It takes a little patience and a little concentration to finish any single one of these, but isn't that what origami is all about?  The site could use a little more in the realm of organization, since without a guide it's a little weird trying to find your first diagram.  All in all, this is a great way to kill time when you have a printer (and you're not paying for the paper), so load up some origami and leave us some pics of your creations in the comments below! (Update: Unfortunately, this site is no longer available.You can try or instead.)

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Originally published April 2009 and updated April 2015.