Create a Full Community From Your Tent

Tents are usually quite personal forms of shelter-- good for two or three people, but not suitable for a large group. While serious bonding takes place around the campfire, when the night is over, each couple or person retires to an individual tent and the tight-knit camping community is divided into separate spaces.


Seeking to end the division of individual tents and bring the strong sense of campfire bonding right into your sleeping quarters, designer Becky Greenwood presents the Abri Socio. A very simple design, each tent includes a storage bag that doubles as a tent connection device. Connect two tents together and sleep in perfect harmony with your friends and family. The connector provides a vestibule-like storage space for items like coolers and backpacks and can also serve as a place to sit and enjoy the company of your crew. 

In the extreme scenario pictured above, campers have connected a whole group of Abri Socio tents into a sort of ring-shaped commune. While it's probably not advisable to light a campfire so close to the tents, the opportunities for interaction and friendship-building are unparalleled. Unfortunately, the opportunities for intimate interaction with your significant other are drastically limited--unless of course, you get freaky like that. 


Via: Yanko 

Oct 13, 2009
by Anonymous

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