Create The Lego Set Of Your Dreams With Cuusoo!

What would you say if you could design a custom official Lego building set that would be manufactured by Lego and that you’d earn 1% from the sales of your creation? Check out Lego’s Cuusoo program:

Here’s how it works: First you take your time planning, assembling and presenting your cool Lego set idea, then you upload it to Cuusoo where it will be voted on by the Cussoo community. If your design gets 10,000 votes of support, the design will be sent to the Lego crew to be carefully considered to be the Cuusoo set chosen to be the quarter’s mass produced set. I know that any Lego fan with a pulse would be absolutely thrilled to design their very own Lego model for the masses, and with so many incredible designs currently in the running, it’s tough to pick favorites!

Thus far, four customized Lego products have stormed their way through the incredibly tough selection process: The Shinkai 6500 sub, the Hayabusa satellite, a miniature Minecraft world and a nostalgic DeLorean vehicle sporting the time machine from the movie “Back to the Future.” Some of the coolest projects that have caught my eye include the incredibly detailed and varied “Lego Bird Project,” the adorable “The Road to Oz”, the musical fun of the “Daft Punk” set and the blocky powerhouse that is "Bricksauria."

If you’re a Lego wizard with a great idea, you may as well put together a great visual presentation for your ultimate Lego set on Cuusoo- You never know what the internet will fancy next!

Source: Lego Cuusoo