Create Your Own Crazy iPhone Cartoon Character with Slide-a-ma-jig


Lucky Radish Amusements has just created 20 kooky characters coming to an iPhone and iPod near you.  The just released application, Slide-a-ma-jig, is guaranteed to bring out the creative genius in all who play.


The premise is simple.   Slide-a-ma-jigs are crazy creatures that have five different sections or body parts.  To play, just move the sections around to create your very own unique Slide-a-ma-jig character.  To move them, just slide, tap or shake them up a bit.   But no matter how many times you mix them up, one thing is certain - these kooky characters are downright charming.  Be sure to turn up the volume while you play.  Some pretty wacky sound effects are also included.


Kids of all ages will have loads of fun with this little application.  Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch second generation, the product is available in English only.  The Slide-a-ma-jig app is available for download on iTunes for 99 cents.

Source and Photos:  Lucky Radish Amusements

Mar 30, 2009
by Anonymous


Thank you for the great review! This app was a personal project for my kids and turned out to be something bigger. In fact, both my daughters are characters in Slide-a-ma-jig: The Herpatologist & the Bubblegum Wrangler.

Keep up the great work... We've been to the site many times... even before the review!


Mar 31, 2009
by Jace Shoemaker-...
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 Hi Chuck,

Thanks so much for stopping by.  It was my pleasure to write about it.  Keep up the good work!


Jace Shoemaker-Galloway
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