Create Your Own Dinnertime Art Gallery

Meal time can be a constant battle between kids and parents, but Emily Green’s Imagination Mats have made the struggle a bit easier!

Now Kids Can Monkey Around At MealtimeNow Kids Can Monkey Around At Mealtime

Ditch those boring placemats you have on the dining room table and check out an Emily Green Imagination Mat, designed by a top childhood artist. The front side of the mat features a colorful design ranging from jungle creatures to fire trucks, captivating your child’s senses. On the back of each 11’ by 17’ mat, you will find a blank laminated canvas where children are able to color and draw their own creations. Emily Green also sells “doodle sticks” – washable markers that are suited specifically for the mats.

Fire Engine Fun At MealtimeFire Engine Fun At Mealtime

You can also use your Imagination Mat for play dough, cookie decorating, or anything else that runs the risk of a messy table. All mats are washable and made of recycled vintage fabrics that Emily hunts down with her young daughter, Daisy.

Get Your Kid CreatingGet Your Kid Creating

Looking to buy an Imagination Mat as a gift for someone else? Check out Emily Green’s official website to order or find a list of store carriers near you, including Amazon. You can also explore the Imagination Mats Art Gallery created by real kids who have decorated their mats and displayed them proudly.

Up the intrigue at meal time with an artsy eating activity today!

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Mar 20, 2008
by Anonymous


what if you want them to also actually eat dinner instead of play with the mats.