Gotta' Love The Stone 2GB MP3 Player

Don't get me wrong, I love my iPod Nano... but the Zen Stone 2G MP3 player is sure grabbing my attention, so much so, that I bought one for a Zen friend, and "borrowed" it. Gifting is a great way to try out products; so many gadgets, so little money....

Holding about 500 songs, the Zen Stone 2G is only 1.5" at its widest point, but although it's tiny, it feels pretty secure in your hand. Easily clipped to your shirt pocket, belt loop ,or bra strap, it doesn't need a case. The ABS plastic enclosure is enough to protect it.

It's really easy to download music and the nicest part is that it works with Lime Wire, so you can get all the free music you want and scoop it up with your Zen Stone by dragging and dropping; likewise with music from a larger Zen unit.

The Zen Stone is so easy to use, so convenient for just popping in your pocket and taking it for a walk or to the gym it's hard to find much to complain about. True, it has no screen so you can't see what you're listening to, and that's not a great feature, but a screen would have added bucks to this wizard and nowadays, we don't need to spend them.





If you're already a Zen fan, you will love the Zen Stone by Creative Labs. If not, the Zen Stone is a great introduction to Creative Labs fine line of products. Easier to hold and operate than the iPod Nano, with exceptionally good tone and a real decent little outside speaker to boot, the Zen Stone 2 GB MP3 Player (with Built-In Speaker and Clip) comes with software, USB connector, and headphones, and sure is a great value at less than $40.

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Dec 8, 2008
by Anonymous


I readthe Inventorspot RSS feed sometimes in the office. Your posting today about the Zen Stone player has caused me a great deal of embarrassment when it blasted your inspirational hymn over the heads of several dozen people. Many were on the phone, while others were holding an impromptu team meeting.

It made me look like an idiot!

Dec 8, 2008
by admin2015
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