Credit Card Sized Cell Phone

Anyone who loves slim gadgets should get in line to get a hold of one of these credit card-sized cell phones, so slim that they can actually slip right into your wallet (though we wouldn't recommend sitting on your cell phone). At 5.9 mm and just 38 grams, this is the smallest, sleekest cell phone that we've yet seen.

The Card Phone (very clever) designed by the Real Phone Card Corporation (even cleverer) is set to be released this June in India. To make the best use of its tiny size, all operations such as dialing and phone book are voice-controlled so there's no need for a keypad, nor is there one. In fact, if you can handle looking a bit goofy and pretentious, maybe you could simply attach this little beauty to your ear and never need to handle it with those mitts. Of course, if you'd prefer, you can also navigate on-screen dialing with an up/down toggle and call button.

The company touts the space where the key pad usually sits as a great space for corporate advertising. Not really sure how a small area on the world's tiniest phone that will spend most of its time pressed against one's face qualifies as a great billboard to advertise your product, but it's something to consider. At least for half a second. Small color or monchrome displays will be available. The phone is also water resistant, which is good because when you forget to take our wallet out of your swimsuit, all you'll have to worry about is paying with those embarrassing wet bills.

Of course, with tiny size comes great price. In this case the price isn't monetary as the company ensures that the phone is in the "ultra low cost entry level category". However, the price comes in a lack of any features outside of the small size and ease of use. The phone is a dual band GSM GPRS that won't be doing much outside of making voice-activated calls, receiving texts and allowing you to show off your tiny phone. Then again, for the small size and low price, it'd be a bit greedy to expect the phone to be overflowing with features.

Just be sure you don't pull this out accidentally in place of a credit card, you're not likely to see it again.

Real Phone via  DVICE