Creepiest Business of 2009: Spider Pharm Breeding Creepy Crawlies

Charles Kristensen loves all creepy crawlies with more than four legs, which lead to him finding Spider Pharm, a home business that breeds, milks and tries to reduce cannibalism in the arachnid population. If reading about spiders and other creepy things makes you squeamish, then proceed with caution, but this one is a definite winner for the record books as 2009's creepiest business.  

Kristensen can't be called anything but an expert in all things creepy and crawly. Not only is he responsible for raising hundreds of species of spiders, centipedes, scorpions and other creepy crawlies  that are numbered into the tens of thousands; he also has been featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not, handled spiders for Mythbusters and was a scientific consultant for Arachnophobia.  

Spider Pharm's main purpose is to harvest venom, which they sell to labs for research and use the venoms and toxins taken from the spiders to determine their many uses using non-lethal venom milking techniques. Spider Pharm also focuses on discovering new methods to feed, breed and raise the spiders and other invertebrates, while ensuring that the species housed together don't resort to cannibalism.

For those looking to adopt their own creepy crawlies, Spider Pharm does sell suitable species to hobbyists as pets. For these individuals, their website is a useful tool to learn about their new creepy friends since it also includes an educational component.