Creepiest Company: Ghost In A Bottle, Packages Ghost Busted Spirits

It's a little bit early to be talking about Halloween, but if you're one who wants to prepare to scare the bejeezes out of someone you love, or just give them a novelty Halloween gift they'll never forget, then you'd better check out this creepy company.

Ghost in a BottleGhost in a Bottle

Ghost in a Bottle doesn't operate only on a seasonal basis, because ghosts require busting year round. Ghost in a Bottle partners with the real life ghost busters to solve a common problem; what the heck do you do with a ghost once it's been captured? The answer to that is what bred their creepy business concept. Just as the name applies, Ghost in a Bottle bottles ghosts as if they were soda. It's a novelty item if you never open the bottle, but it does come with a certificate of authenticity signed and sealed by the ghost hunter; however, if you're looking for a little bit of adventure, the bottle can be opened at the ghost released into the environment. Just make sure you read the complete warning page on the Ghost in a Bottle website before doing so, because the purchase doesn't come with a re-bottling release clause.

I know it mind sound like a Halloween-themed business despite my protests, but if the stores can have their inventory for sale in early August, late September is way behind the trend!

Nov 17, 2009
by Anonymous

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This is all I have to say abouth this product and others like it. I encourage you to buy what makes you happy.