Creepy, Cutesy And Chic Gremlin Skirt By Brian Lichtenberg

It might be a bit of an oddball alliteration, but creepy, cutesy and chic really is the best way to describe this unusual skirt by Brian Lichtenberg. You decide which of the three "C's" you're leaning towards once you take a closer look.

Gizmo Gremlin SkirtGizmo Gremlin Skirt

Gizmo from the Gremlins may have inspired costumes, cuddly toys and nightmares in the 80's, and now the creepy and cutesy has segued into fashion. Designer Brian Lichtenberg created this surprisingly chic creation that retails for $2,100. It's made from grey tweed, Gizmo's ears are working pockets and to give the critter a little glimmer of cuteness or creepiness (you decide) his eyes have genuine Swarovski crystals.

Via: Luxist