Creepydoll EBay Store: A Market For Tooth Moulds

If you thought the only business that wants anything to do with your mouth isa dental clinic, you thought wrong, because in reality it gets a whole lot weirder!

Creepydoll Ebay StoreCreepydoll Ebay Store

EBay store Creepydolls has a high demand for something you'd just never expect, and that is tooth moulds. They sell them off for a number of reasons, like for props in films and just for plain ol' creepy fun. No, we're not talking about any grungy grime from your teeth, but those plaster casts of your teeth that are taken when you go to a dentist. Next time, instead of walking directly out of the dental office and paying your bill, ask to take your mould home. If you send Creepydolls a little story about you and your teeth, they'll actually give you some money and that'll help you recoup your dental bill.

Via: TrendHunter