Playful Storage Solutions For The Future At 100% Design

With the motto "Stop thinking - start playing," as their guide, the team of Alexander Sickl and Claudia Unterschelder formed Creosa Interiors of Austria in 2006. Though only two years old, Creosa was chosen by 100% Design to participate in its 100% Futures show, representing the best of what's to come. Creosa has created some very playful, downright fun, storage designs you've got to see, even if you can't make it to 100% Design, London next week.

Prove Storage Cubes


Challenging the notion of storage as a perpendicular or parallel arrangement of cubes or shelves, Creosa's Prove storage cubes take off at an angle and fly away totally disconnected from each other.... Or so it seems. The lower storage cubes are actually embedded in cement, the upper ones welded to a back wall of safety glass. You can imagine how the Prove storage looks from several feet away. One might ask a mate "How many martini's did I have at dinner?"





Zyklus Shelving Design


The Zyklus (Eng. cycle) is made of wood and metal, which can be painted in customer's choice of color.

A simple but totally radical concept of shelving, the Zyklus can make it's mark in any room, or in a wine cellar! (I wonder what semelliers would think about it, but Creosa has already tried out 70 bottles of wine and they fit!) Ah, for the audiophiles among you, the Zyklus holds 700 CD's... maybe the same number of DVD's?





Raumklang Storage Design


Raumklang's cube is acrylic and a concrete base. The storage tubes can be made of transparent or aluminum colored acrylic. Billed appropriately as a "showcase," the Raumklang (Eng. an airy space, possibly) is perfect for a wine rack, or even a rack for magazines. The playful aspect here is in the geometry of the Raumklang, the tube within the cube.





Raumstamm Storage Design


Similar to the Raumklang, the Raumstamm (Eng. tree trunk or log, possibly) has a more traditional look, mostly because it is solid wood. Clear or colored acrylic selections can lighten the austerity of the Raumstamm, or one could order a painted wood, perhaps with a different color on each side to make the design even more playful. The Raumstamm storage is limited to 12 tubes.




Lex7 Modular Storage Design


The concept of Lex7 really invites the customer to contribute to the final design, as Creosa envisions the end results as countless possibilities of shapes, sizes, and colors, as you see in the prototypes below. In other words, you can "stop thinking - start playing" too!

This shelving arrangement would make an interesting cabinet with hinged doors or with "covers" that swivel open. Look how Creosa plays with our notion of balance in the "barrel" version of Lex7.



This would work in a kid's room for toy storage or, with special-ordered modules for TV, stereo, and such, it would make a fine entertainment center. If I were to play, I would make the center row a breakfast bar (extended out some from the frame) and use the upper areas as cupboards for kitchenware. Below the bar, one must have room for her legs and feet!



And this Lex7, I would not play with. I love what Creosa designed here, balancing cubes on their tippy toes, triangulating their support beams. This is pure play, pure fun!


Creosa Design will be located at Stand P103 at 100% Design at Earl's Court, London, September 18 - 21. If you will not be able to attend, visit Creosa and 100% Design online.

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