Cricut Cake Makes You Look Like A Decorator Extraordinaire


I have never been much of a cake decorator.  I love to bake them and, of course, always add a tasty layer if icing, maybe some filling and something sprinkled on top.  I do not really enjoy all of the fussy piping or flower making.  Some people love it though, and manage to create amazing cakes that I would feel bad ever cutting into.  If you know someone like this, or happen to be someone like this, you should check out the Cricut Cake.



This fancy shape cutter looks like a printer that you would use with your home computer.  Instead of printing designs though, it cuts them out.  You feed in sheets of fondant, dough or other similarly textured food materials, select your design from the design cartridges and allow the device to cut precise pieces for your cake.  There are several cartridges to choose from including seasonal, birthday and elegant patterns.



Having one of these gadgets would certainly help make your baking look impressive, but it does come priced at around $399 so you have to be pretty into cake decorating or have money and counter space to burn if you are going to get one.  There is also a mini version now available for $199.99.  You can buy Cricut Cake here.   


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Mar 22, 2012
by Anonymous

Great idea :)

These gadgets seems really good. And most people don't know about it. I would love to share the info on my blog