Dine With Blood Splatter In This Fresh Crime Scene

Ever think about dining a là crime scene? Does blood splatter work up your appetite? Well, you've come to the right place...

In case you aren't familiar with Dexter, it's a hip Showtime original crime scene drama about a blood spatter specialist with the Miami Police Department who's a vigilante killer by night. There's plenty of blood at Dexter's crime scenes and there's plenty of it in Amy Lau's brilliant and dramatically designed Dexter's Dining Room for Metropolitan Home's Showtime House.


Take a pure white, delicately wood-worked room with finely upholstered white chairs, sparklingly clean and delicately ornamented mirrors, crystal and glass chandelier, white linen, white table settings... divine,don't you think? Ah, but Dexter's latest victim, possibly several victims, were brutally murdered in this dining room. It's a crime scene and there's plenty of forensic evidence.



Don't let the staging aspect of the Dexter decor let you think for one minute that each piece you see in these photos did not receive the attention and fine detail that any great design artist would give it. Ms. Lau, lauded by several design critics as the designer to watch in the coming years, worked with several other fine designers and craftsmen in their fields to create each work in the Dexter installation, from the 250 wine glass chandelier to the exquisitely embroidered abstract wall painting to the string splatters on the walls and ceilings.

Some of the Dexter designs are available in limited quantity from Spring Design & Art. Among them are Lau's own bloody works as seen on the forensic specialist's dream of a crime scene... the dining room table!

Have a serving or two of blood and guts, veins and broken capillaries, deep knife fissures... on high fire ceramic charger plates. dinner plates, and salad and dessert plates.

Mmmm. Yummm...

Now take a real close look at the stemware...

Those are not the photographer's prints on the glass!

Ms. Lau also designed these elegant white dining chairs (upholstery by Martin Albert Interiors)

Too bad she couldn't get that blood splatter out! (Embroidery by Leah Picker)

Ms. Lau's design photographs by Kris Tamburello. Sources: Amy Lau Design, Metropolitan Home, Spring Design & Art.Thank you for your assistance Carly Burns. Thanks for the tip, Jill Harness .

Nov 20, 2008
by Anonymous


no sane person would dine there

Nov 20, 2008
by Anonymous

the problem is...

Dexter would NEVER leave gthat much blood behind. Wrap the table in plastic sheeting, maybe.

Nov 20, 2008
by Anonymous

love it

i absolutely love the idea! morbid but fantastic!

Nov 20, 2008
by Anonymous


I ate chicken when Prado killed that guy in last episode, no problem

Nov 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Why not? I would, and I am

Why not?

I would, and I am sane.