Crime Scene Cleanup In Chicago: Cleaning Up City Streets

Crime scene cleanup is a niche market that's continuing to grow, because someone's got to do the dirtiest jobs in each city. Chicago's got a business that takes care of all of that gross stuff that no one else wants to think about, just as we've seen in other cities, but this one's run by a unique group of people.

Chicago Crime Scene CleanupChicago Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup in Chicago is a company started by a group of local volunteer firemen, who used to seeing the gruesome and unpleasant as one of the first on scene to a call, decided that they'd use their iron stomachs to do good to the city (referring simply to their ability to deal with the disgusting, no relationship to their physiques). They deal with meth lab clean up, crime scene clean up and waste disposal of virtually any other kind that is too gross for others to deal with.

Proof has it here that sometimes one business opportunity can open the doors to another, and part of the Crime Scene Cleanup's success in Chicago can be attributed to their fire fighter status.

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Nov 21, 2009
by Anonymous

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