Dreamy Crinoline Outdoor Furniture For Spring

Everything is fresh and new in Crinoline, Patricia Urquiola's playful, but aristocratic line of outdoor furniture. It's like Spring itself -- fresh, novel, playful, but delightfully haunted by past springs, or were they dreams?

Crinoline is a design intended to alter your state of mind. You have the feeling that if you sit in one of the Crinoline thrones, you will never want to leave your porch or patio or lawn.



Redolent of the Victorian Age. in which thrones and crinolines were both cherished, Urquiola's thrones are strictly for fun and her crinoline is constructed of a polymer weave as opposed to metal wire. But the weave is complex, woven on two or three sides of the textile, lending strength, visual depth, and interest to the chairs.





As crinolines hide a woman's legs, so the Crinoline frame does away with the need for chair legs. The dining chairs below are set like plants or treasured vases on stands. The chair and stand are so balanced that they almost create a mirror effect.





The Crinoline is manufactured by B&B Italia. For information, or to order, call John Friedlander (1-212-758-4046).

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