Crisper Foods With Frisper Vacuum Sealer

Number one way to save the earth: Don't Waste!

Number one way to save food: Vacuum Seal.

Number one Vacuum Sealer: The Frisper?

The FrisperTM FreshkeeperTM is a new kitchen gadget from Oliso®, an innovator of household products. A vacumn sealer with a twist, the Frisper works with a specially designed zip-top Vac-SnapTM bag. Once the bag has been packed with food, you slide a portion of the bag into the Frisper, where it makes a tiny hole from which the air in the bag is sucked out.

There are several neat and uniqe features of this new ktichen gadget:

1. The Frisper is easy to use. Put food into the zip-top bag, close the bag, slide a corner of the bag into the Frisper and voila! Your air-tight food bag is ready to place in a slow boil water, the freezer, or frig.

2. The Frisper is about one-third the size of the next smallest vacuum sealer on the home products market, making the it more convenient to use and store.

3. One Vac-Snap bag can be reused several times.

4. With other vacuuming systems, the food package must be opened with a knife or scissors, sometimes making a big mess if food juice or marinade is involved. But the Frisper Freshkeeper Vac-Snaps are opened like any other zip-lock bag, making less mess and less stress.

5. With the Vac-Snap bags, you can take out a portion of food and reseal the rest of the food in the same bag.

6. The Frisper is the best priced home sealer, retailing for $80 for its starter pack: (1 Frisper Freshkeeper, 5 Vac-Snap gallon bags, and five 5 Vac-Snap quart bags.)

Foods are more tender, more tasty, and more nutritious when cooked slowly in their own juices. There's a whole school of cuisine called sous vide that cooks practically everything in vacuum sealed containers on a very precise, very low temerature. Cooking one meal using this method might take two days, so don't confuse sous vide with your Crockpot. But even if you are not a serious sous vide chef, you may want to try cooking your main course and vegetables right in their sealed bags just for a taste of real fresh.

Is the Frisper FreshKeeper the number one vacuum sealer? If the Frisper does all the things it advertises, it's on the top of the home vacuum sealer list.(Buy here)

If you would like to see the Frisper in action, watch this video!

via Epicurious and Oliso.

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Apr 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Wow, a perfect match to SousVideMagic

I have been cooking sous-vide dishes with SousVideMagic ( paired with a commercial rice cooker. I am never happy with vacuuming my food with Foodsavers: weak suction power, bags not reusable, and messy with wet food.
Tell me where to buy it?