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Pet companies have finally realized that the toys most dogs love make a noise that's not a squeak.  It's the crisp, crunchy, crackly sound of a PET (as in Polyethylene terephthalate) bottle, the kind that water, soda, and other beverages are generally bottled in.  Whether it's a preferred sound or the feel of the crunch that attracts a dog to a water bottle, I can't say, but dogs love 'em.  The question is do you want your dog chewing on a potentially harmful bottle?

Some pet-with-a-small-p companies have come out with PET bottle covers in various toy forms like the adorable Hugglehounds Crunchy Possey Dog Toy which houses a recycled water bottle tucked inside.  For extra doggy pleasure the Hugglehounds Possey also has squeakers in its extremities!


Hugglehounds Crunchy Possey Dog ToyHugglehounds Crunchy Possey Dog Toy


Here's another really cute bottle cover toy by ZippyPaws, a Water Bottle Crusherz Refillable Lobster Toy...


ZippyPaws Water Bottle Crusherz Lobster Dog ToyZippyPaws Water Bottle Crusherz Lobster Dog Toy

These water bottle covers are generally refillable from the bottom, as seen below...


 ZippyPaws Water Bottle Crusherz Lobster Dog ToyZippyPaws Water Bottle Crusherz Lobster Dog Toy


And for dogs who love balls and crunch, there's the JW Pet Crackle Heads Crackle Ball Toy in small, medium, and large, that offers some hard rubber resistance to your dog's teeth and allows the Crackle to bounce and be tossed just like a regular dog ball toy.  These come in pretty cheerful colors too!

JW Pet Crackle Heads Crackle Ball ToyJW Pet Crackle Heads Crackle Ball Toy


These bottle cover toys will provide a lot of fun for your dog as well as some peace for you, as the covers not only dampen the sounds of the crunch, they also provide protection from possible splintering of the bottle in your dog's mouth.


That's the buzz for today!


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