Crocodile Foot Charm Means 'Hands Off'


This unusual item may be the most charmless charm ever. The treated and cured "crocodile caiman" foot comes equipped with a grommet and ball chain for easy attachment to your cell phone, rucksack, purse or earlobe.

It's hard to say if this is an environmentally friendly item or not, but one assumes there are crocodile farms in China to supply the clothing and luggage trades... and they must be overflowing with extra feet since each critter comes with four. Tossing them in the trash would be wasteful and really, what else are you gonna do with the things?

We'll also assume that some portion of the hefty 3,800 yen price - that's around $40 - goes towards subsistence croc & caiman farmers in rural China. At least, we can hope.

Want one (or more) of these creepy claws? Choose from red wine, yellow, green, brown or black. Each one is approximately 11cm (4.4") long, weighs about 15 grams (1/2 oz.) and has a 15cm (6") long metal ball chain attached. Available from Japanese online retailer Rakuten. See ya later, alligator!